Cheap Drum Shield

Cheap Drum Shield

Or DIY Drum Shield or How To Make A Drum Shield or Worlds Cheapest Drum Shield or Duct Tape Drum Shield.  The title is still in flux.  For those who don’t want to buy a Drum Shield, or like today’s example just live too far away from any Drum Shield sellers to justify the shipping costs, we have Cheap Drum Shield 다운로드.

If you are trying to build a Drum Shield what’s the most expensive part.  The plexiglass of course.  GONE.  Your local hardware store sells sheets of vinyl that are just as sound reflective and actually even more transparent (visually of course).  So here’s what it looks like 노을 mp3.

DIY Drum Shield

Drum Shield, DIY Drum Shield, Drum Shield DIY

You need a way to connect the panels and in case you haven’t witnessed this bit of useless awesomeness your answer is CLEAR DUCT TAPE.  You may ask, “What’s the point of clear duct tape since you can’t see through it?”  Exactly.  On a useful note notice that the termination of the duct tape should be about halfway down.  Wrap it over the end, if you cut it off at the end it will eventually start to come undone 텐센트 배그 다운로드.

Drum Shield, Drum Booth, Drum Cage

Now Duct Tape and vinyl isn’t going to just stand up on its own so you need to get some dowel rods.  One for each end and then perhaps at every other section joint.  Lock it in there with lots of tape.  Seriously you already bought the whole roll, as we’ve discussed you can’t see through it so being clear duct tape doesn’t make sense anyway use as much of it as you can don’t skimp now 다운로드.

Drum Shield, Drum Booth, Drum Cage

If you are any good at haggling your total cost will be about $10 dollars.  Someday you’ll want to upgrade to the Winning Drum Shield (Also listed in the Drum Shield overview) but for now this will keep your drummer segregated from the rest of the band on the cheap 다운로드.

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8 Responses to Cheap Drum Shield

  1. Evan Smeenge says:

    How much was the vinyl? Isn’t vinyl expensive?

  2. the glass sheild is amazon it is good for drums it makes the sound go up in the air

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  5. L.L. says:

    Don’t know what hardware store you went to… but the one near me had ONE of those panels for $35! Hardly only $10 to make the whole thing! :(

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  7. Miki says:

    Please, what is vinyl tape?? Cant find translation , we are from czech republic… Thanks

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