Drum Condo Drum Shield

Drum Condo

Today we have a wonderful example of a safe, sane stage setup.  Notice all the happy musicians interacting with the audience.  Feeding off the energy.  They have this freedom and confidence because of a Drum Condo.  In his Drum Condo the drummer is safely tucked away; with no threat of him getting out and stepping on the electric guitarist’s pedal board, setting a drink on the keyboard, or stepping up and yelling a greeting into the mike.  And with a slight modification you can set it up to lock from the outside 토탈 워 다운로드.


Drum Shield, Drum Booth, Drum Cage

What you can’t 다운로드? He’s right above the Bassist’s headstock to the left of the acoustic guitarist. Your left.


For more information regarding Drum Condo you can go read all about it’s construction and planing here 다운로드.


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