Extreme Drum Room


You’ve seen what’s available and it’s just not enough.  The power of your drummer cannot be contained by cheap plexiglass and baffling.  Then you would be most rewarded to consider building an…

Extreme Drum Room

When plexiglass just isn't enough, Extreme Drum Shield, Drum Booth, Drum Cage


We aren’t talking about a thin strip of plexiglass anymore.  No foam absorption here.  What we’ve got is solid earth making sure our drummer can play with all the “feel” and “response” he wants while we can complety control how much if any makes it to the final audience.  Grab your shovel and get to work 다운로드.


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  1. Arthur Robertson says:

    Instead of digging i want to do the same thing but above ground using lots and lots of sand bags.Two feet thick including roof. fl00r will be the ground. Any ideas about that idea. thanks. West African dun dun drummer in california. Need complete sound isolation from neighbors. Thanks Arthur.

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