How to Build A Drum Shield


To Build a Drum Shield

Sometimes the best decision isn’t to just go out and buy a Drum Shield.  Often because of budget limitations or the need for an odd shape/size a building your own is the best option.  While there are limitless ways to build a drum shield, is a particularly detailed set of instructions.  There you can learn how to build this:

Enclosed Drum Booth, Build A Drum Shield, DIY Drum Shield

Plus it apparently works on partially invisible drums, so there’s that.

At the link Andy Allen explains what they did.  With a little thought you could come up with your own plans just like he did.  But why bother someone already done it all for you including pictures and pretty detailed information even if you don’t end up using his plans or design you’ll at least have a much better idea of what’s involved and be able to decide if you even want to go down the DIY Drum Shield path 다운로드.



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