Don’t Feed The Drummer

Rock of Ages Drum Shield

Well it’s really a Drum Booth.  If you go watch Premier Guitar‘s Rock of Ages Rig Rundown you can catch a few glimpses of a real Broadway Drum Shield behind Joel Hoekstra and Tommy Kessler.  The non screen capture images are from If you have a better photo please go to the submit image page and send it in 다운로드.

Drum Shield, Rock of ages drum shield

Please Don’t Feed The Drummer

True to form most of these shots are obscured by Joel Hoekstra the lead guitarist…Typical 다운로드.

Drum Shield, Drum Booth, Drum Cage

This is an early version of the stage, but epitomizes quite well the issue 다운로드. Guitarists out and about rocking. Way in the back all by his lonesome, behind his glass, sits the drummer.


Drum Shield, Drum Booth, Drum Cage, Duct Tape

Sometimes even professionals hold their drum shield together with duct tape.

Drum Shield, drum Riser, Drum Booth, Drum Cage

Another telling shot 피카사 사진 다운로드. Lead singer and two guitarists hamming it up, and unless someone told you you may not even know there’s a drummer right behind them.


Let’s give the drummer his due.  Here’s a shot of Jon Weber where you can actually see him:

Drum Shield, Drum Booth, Drum Cage, Drummer

Still safe behind his shield, segregated behind glass.




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