Microphone Shield?

Microphone Shield, seriously?


Darn right.  Drummers aren’t the only one that might try stealing the spotlight if left untethered.  That’s why the great folks at Activeplastics.com have started leading the way in combating this new threat with a  Microphone Shield.  Now because of the lower danger level Microphone Shields don’t need to be fully enclosed.  And they don’t have to lock from the outside.  They just need to make it difficult for the background vocalist to take any attention from the lead musicians.  Check it out:


Drum Shield, Microphone Screen

Look they can’t get out.


As you can see this state of the art advancement keeps all sorts of accompaniment instruments out of the lead singer and lead guitarist’s way.  You can put your all your wind instruments and maybe even a keyboard player back there 검색어를 입력하세요 www 7화.


Microphone Shield

Don’t worry they can see out 마우스커서. They won’t miss your cues.


At this point you are probably all getting worried that with all this attention paid to the vocalists the drummer might have been over looked.  Put your mind at ease:

Drum Shield and Microphone Shield

Ah, what a relief 캡쳐원 무료 다운로드.  They remembered to put the drummer behind glass.


Everyone would probably be a little more comfortable if instead of just a Drum Shield that was a Drum Room, or Drum Condo.  And it’d of course be more aesthetically pleasing if it was a Winning Drum Shield but these are the first people addressing the very real threat of Non-Drummer-Second-Class-Instruments spotlight stealers, with Microphone Shield 출력 일보 다운로드.

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