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Drum Enclosure is the subject of the day.  A lot gets said about Drum Shields.  But for those of you worried that your drummer is only blocked in one direction, sometimes a Drum Enclosure is the best solution.  Enter the artists who create enclosures for Paragon 360.  Not even that, say you’re the all important lead singer and you don’t need anyone stealing any spotlight from you.  Check this. 스킵트레이스 다운로드.

Dual Drum Enclosures:

Drum Enclosure


Yep that’s two enclosures on the same stage.  And unlike the Drum Shield Discrimination you can mute every one of them.  With a quick signal from the lead singer to the soundman at the end of the song you can have everyone muted, avoiding the unnecessary drummer attempts at ‘witty’ banter between songs.  Then when you’re ready to start the next song a quick unmute and you are on your way 연평해전 영화 다운로드.

Surround Drum Shield:

Drum Enclosure

This is the deluxe model you don’t have to always give them that much room.  What are they going to use the extra room for anyway?    Probably not something that you would approve of, so nip it in the bud 다운로드.

Elevated Drum Enclosure:

Elevated Drum Enclosure

Here’s another great innovative idea.  With enough height and some roll away stairs you can simply roll the stairs away and make sure he doesn’t leave.  This is especially helpful for the 2nd set break where your drummer usually gets lost and delays the start of the 3rd set 조직도 ppt 다운로드.


Hey Paragon 360 is full of geniuses.  Give them the credit they deserve click on one of the share buttons below here and make sure your friends/bandmates/followers know about them and the value of a drum enclosure.  It’s only right.  Think about it 다운로드.

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