Drum Shield Other Uses

Besides the obvious uses of a Drum Shield (keeping the focus on the lead singer, song suggestion muffler, tone advice deterrent,  drum stick flipping stopper [with roof], etc.)  One oft overlooked use of the Drum Shield is to keep the set-list in an easy place for the drummer to read, that is nearly impossible for him to lose 다운로드.

Other Drum Shield Uses:

Drum Shield with Setlist

No more “I lost the list” excuses.

Please note the irresponsibility of the stage manager in the above photo.  Someone forgot to attach the flat front to the drum shield.  It’s hard to put a value on it but a strong argument could be made that this is the most important part of a drum shield 다운로드.


Now this does take a little more work on the responsible parties of the band.  You can’t just print an extra copy of the set-list from your printer with this method.  But that’s a small price to pay 섯다 피망 다운로드.

Drum Shield writing

Note in this example (as is often the case) the drummer is illiterate so the band leader is writing simple symbols instead.


You probably want to get some markers that are Low Odor just go help keep the drummers head in the game 다운로드.

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