Call for Drum Shield Pictures

Today’s post is a call to join in the fun.  So far we’ve seen some beautiful (and not so beautiful) drum shields.  But today you are being asked to show us your’s.  There are thousands of drummers out there being mistreated and abused.  Please join the fight to raise awareness.  Your submitted picture could be the one that changes everything.  You can make a difference.

How to Submit a Drum Shield Image:

Step one – Find a Drum Shield.  Please don’t over look this step it’s about as important as a step can get.  You know that cliched-no-one-even-remembers-where-it-started quote, “Watch that first step it’s a doozy.”  This one’s a doozy.  Miss this step and you are going to fail pretty bad.  But continue anyway cause it will be enjoyable to share in your screw up.

Step two – Take a picture of that drum enclosure or drum room.  Steve Jobs started making iPhones for this exact reason.  Or you could buy a nice camera if you’d like and get the perfect drum shield picture.

Step three – Submit the picture.  You can go to the top of this very page and click “Submit Image”

Drum Shield, Drum Enclosure, Image Submit

Or if you are on that iPhone mentioned earlier you can just email it to

Step four – Profit.  No step by step instructions are complete without this final step.  In this case the profit is knowing you are doing your part.


The fracturing and bloody crusades against stage volume have had many casualties. One tragic outcome is that drummers are no longer allowed to be in the presence of other band members while playing. They have to be segregated. Sometimes by some leaning plexiglass sometimes by entire rooms built to keep them away from the rest of the team. If you won’t or can’t undo this wrong, you owe it to your drummer to at least acknowledge it.

Here is the opportunity to do just that. Go photograph your drummer in his cage, behind his shield etc. Then go to and click the submit image button. If you don’t do something to bring awareness to this issue you are propagating it. Hug a drummer this weekend. They are musicians too.


Maybe the musician part is taking it a little too far but they are something.

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