Drum Cage With A Drummer In It

Here’s a Drum Cage with something a wee bit different.  While this is Drummers Behind Glass, many weeks it would be more appropriate to be Drum Behind Glass (well Drums Behind Glass cause we rarely see anyone with a single piece kit) 다운로드.

Drum Cage

Drum Cage, Drum Shield, Drum Enclosure

Can you tell what’s different?

This week we actually have a drummer.  Look how safe and friendly he is.  Behind that strong Drum Shield there’s no fear he’s going to distract anyone in the audience, stumble around and step on someone’s pedal board, or yell something stupid into the nearest microphone.  He’s in a tightly controlled, hopefully sealed, Drum Cage.  Drum Shields just look better when there’s a Drummer locked inside.  One special thing to note is, a lot of times drummers do weird things with their feet.  Or they just plain have weird feet and not the sense to wear closed toed shoes at all times.  On this particular drum enclosure that’s not an issue they’ve taken the bottom couple feet and blacked them out.  Excellent work 나의 소녀시대 영화.

Drum Cage, Drum Shield, Drum Enclosure

See no feet.

If this picture doesn’t instill confidence in your lead singer that he will be the only one getting any attention, then nothing will.  Look he’s got everything you could need:

  1. Strong bars so it looks like a Drum Cage 다운로드.
  2. Clear Drum Shield in front so he can see the leaders signals to stop playing 리셋 라이프.
  3. Full Drum Enclosure so he doesn’t just slip out the back then walk around out front 김종욱찾기.
  4. Drum Roof so he doesn’t do stupid stick tosses and lose the beat 록맨 x5 한글판.

It’s basically a private drum room out on stage 다운로드.


Here’s the view from the inside‘:

Drum Cage, Drum Shield, Drum Enclosure

What a view?

Like a quality set of horse blinders, nothing to distract him but clear view out the front so everyone can glare at him when he screws up.  To learn more about this particular Drum Cage and the drummer who calls it home you can go to:



And don’t forget to click the F in the blue background right below this and make sure your drummer sees it 마리오 카트 8.

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