Percussion Drum Shield

Today’s post features percussion drum shields.  We are all familiar with the well documented antics of drummers.  But no one can afford to over look the percussionist just because he doesn’t sit down for the whole show.  Percussionists with all their potential for over the top cowbell use should also be kept tightly within a drum shield for everyone’s safety and comfort.  Help is on the way thanks to Clear Sonic:

Percussion Drum Shield

Percussion Drum Shield, Drum Cage, Drum Enclosure

That’s a little better.

So here’s the basic everyday shield.  Unless you have a very rowdy percussionist this will do perfectly for you.  But it could be better.  Anyone know what this shield is missing that we could easily add to give all the musicians a little more peace of mind 대동강 편지 다운로드?

Percussion Drum Shield, Live Drums, Recording Drums

Much much better 데저트 스트라이크 다운로드. Notice the shield gives complete enclosure.

That’s right 360 degree enclosure.  You dont’ want him getting bored and just walking out to the front of the stage.  That could be disastrous.  But what if you’ve got a completely tame/house broken percussionist.  Say he started as a bassist and is filling in for instance and never actually was a drummer.  Well here’s a light weight version you can use that should suffice for anyone playing percussion with non-drummer roots 다운로드.

Drum Isolation, Sound Isolation, Sound Reindorcement

This only works if he’s not a foot tapper.

You probably don’t need to be warned again about the danger but just to make sure everyone is on the same page:

More Cowebell

No one really wants this 다운로드. It’s called satire. But it is a very real danger we all must be aware of.

Also note they were foolish enough to not use a drum shield on the percussionist or the drummer.  No surprise someone tried stealig their show 내머리속의 지우개.

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  1. i think you are hilarious.

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