How To Drum

This How To Drum isn’t about E-and-A counting or syncopation, you can learn all that theory and skill then play it on your desk with pencils.  But that won’t make you a Drummer.  This is How To Drum as in becoming a Drummer.  Just because you tap rhythmically on your leg no one thinks, “He’s a drummer.”  Now it’s time to learn the secrets 카카오톡 대화 다운로드.

Sorry to say carrying Drum Sticks around isn’t enough either 다운로드. In fact nothing says poser like a guy carrying drum sticks who doesn’t know the #1 secret.


#1 Most important thing to work on.  Play from your shoulders.  Yep.  Go watch a marching band.  You’ll see a lot of people playing drums from their wrist.  Not what we are wanting or talking about at all.  That little wrist twitching on a single snare drum is great if you are into band chicks.  But it won’t land you real gigs 옥이이모 다운로드.

For the record…Not what we are going for.

What you need is volume.  The number one measure of a drummer is volume.  The volume you get from moving your wrist is about half what you can get from moving your elbow, which is about 62% of what you can get from moving at the shoulder.  Great drummers will also throw in a full body swing pivoting at the hips when it’s really time 웃는남자 다운로드.

how to drum

Notice even without a “drum kit” you can tell this guy is a drummer simply by volume.

Some of you young and naive are questioning this right now.  Let me just point this out.  When great drummers are needing to be quieter do they play any quieter?  No, they actually see the chance to put up sheets of plexiglass and play even louder.  Sometimes even standing at key times in the set when the best drumming is needed 다운로드.

How To Drum

This is what preparation for a real drummer looks like.


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