Drum Shield For Drum Shield Sake

Today we have a important drum shield point that hopefully needs to be mentioned only once.  It’s a little thing but still pretty important.

Drum Shield for It’s Own Sake

Drum shields are wonderful useful tools that enhance everyone’s lives.  They are nearly indispensable but unfortunately they are not unlimited.  We quickly need to band together against the waste of our precious drum shield resources.

Useless Drum Shield

I’m sorry but you have a wall there.  What do you think is the point of rare drum shield material set perfectly up against the wall?  No…just No.  And another:

Drum Shield for Bikes?

What’s even going on hear?  Are you protecting the bicycles from the drummers antics?  Are we wasting drum plexiglass keeping the washing machine back in it’s place to be sure it doesn’t steal the lead singer’s spotlight?

Plexiglass Drum Shield

One layer will do.  No need to get greedy.  Layering plexiglass for a drum shield is quickly becoming a sort of status symbol among the elite bands but it is a disrespectful waste, and those who would do it should be shunned.

CGI Drum Booth

It can only be assumed that some idiot forgot to use a drum booth and now rather than admit to his mistake he’s trying to develop a CGI drum shield to go back and photoshop out his recklessness.  Again No.


Drum Shields are magical and can be great when used responsibly, don’t ruin it for everyone with inconsiderate irresponsibility.

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