Behind Drum Shield POV

 Inside The Drum Shield

Here’s some ammo.  What better way to force your backing musicians behind a drum shield or into a drum cage, than to be able to say honestly, “I know what it’s like.”


Standard Drum Shield:

Inside Drum Shield

Plexiglass Drum Cage:

Drum Shield from the inside

 Metal Drum Cage:

In Drum Cage

This last one doesn’t help at all with sound.  But it does add the security of knowing that your drummer (or other background musician) isn’t going to hog any spotlight.  So it’s not perfect, you can’t just mute them when you want to hear more of yourself.  But it’s a step in the right direction.


If you need more go to  but be forewarned, there are some irresponsible picks of drums just out in the open in the general environment.  Which can be unsettling to the lead singers and soundmen.

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