Clean Your Drum Shield


A Drum Shield does a good job of hiding a drummer.  The problem is sometimes it can keep the drummer from seeing what the musicians are doing.  Everyone knows there’s precious little worse than a drummer left to his own devices.  So it’s important that periodically you get out some solvents and clean the drum shield to be sure the drummer can see the band leader 다운로드.

Clean Your Drum Shield

Clean Drum Shield makes your drum shield even better.

Don’t go crazy cleaning the Drum Shield it’s near a drummer so it won’t stay clean for long.

This is the very wise crew of ensuring their drummer has no excuse for missing his cues.  Windex or generic window cleaner and some rags will work great for most cases.  If you’ve got something boutique like the Whitley Solutions stuff you should find a special elixir to guard the magical properties.  Oh and if it’s one of those fully enclosed ones let your drummer out before spraying all that ammonia 다운로드.

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