Drum Shield Horse Blinders

Drum Shields serve so much greater purpose than simply controlling drum volume.  We’ve already seen them multitasking as a Set List Organizer 귀곡성.  Here’s a great example of how a drum shield can actually help keep the drummer from getting distracted.  The hardworking labcoats over at Acoustical Solutions have conjured this fantastic idea:

Drum Shield Horse Blinders

Horse Blinder Drum Shield, Drum Cage, Drume Enclosure

Notice how they use opaque sections to keep the drummer focused on the lead singer.

These opaque panels of course serve a double purpose.  First off, and most important in all cases, the audience attention isn’t pulled away from the lead singer.  It’s a well known fact that the lead singers ego needs all the attention an audience can give.  Secondly this drum shield keeps the drummer from being distracted by the audience (or even unimportant band members).  To truly get the best of this it would be advisable to get a few more opaque panels closing in just a little bit tighter.  But not too tight because you wouldn’t want to limit where the lead singer can be and still give signals.  Here’s a good example of how much light you need to let into a drum shield:

Closed Drum Shield

Acoustical Solutions were probably just trying to be kind in their advertising.  But luckily we can see the potential.  And giving credit where it is due notice both full enclosure and a roof so there’s not wandering off during set breaks.  Put a bottle of water in the pen with him just out of charity 가시나무 mp3.

If you’ve got a good example of a drum shield others can learn from be sure and submit it today.  Those who are forced to put up with a drummer need all encouragement they can get for limiting their impact 다운로드.


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