Drum Shield Temperature Control

 Please remember it gets hot in the Drum Shield.  The benefits of a drum shield have been laid out time and again.  There’s no way to get around how important a piece of the band the drum cage can be.  But remember inside that drum cage the drummer can get pretty darn hot smart switch pc. And just to not be too cruel.  If you are going to put a fan on stage and point it at the drummer put the fan inside the drum shield.

Put The Fan Inside The Drum Shield

Hot Drum Shield

There are some interesting ways of handling this.  If you remember the More Winning Drum Shield in the comments you know  Chad Whiteley pointed out they have built in fans.  (Imagine how nasty the condensation would get from drummer sweat in there.  Wait no don’t, it’d be better if you didn’t think of it.)

Drum Shield

WTF 다운로드? Climate Control?

Then last week @_JoshClark posted on twitter:

bought a new fan for the drum cage at #SolidRock 조용필 간양록 다운로드. #DrummerStatus #BestFansEver

Drum Shield Fan

And later replied to @DrummerInGlass that it was:

@DrummersInGlass oh my gosh.  Best investment ever 다운로드!

Everyone who’s been around a drummer knows that they can rarely tell how bad they smell.  So let’s all do out part to help control the odor.  It’s one of those “for the greater good” type things.  You can get as complicated or simple as you want.  Remember even a while condensation helps obscure the drummer and his (or her) antics from the audience, it can also obscure the site of the real musicians from the drummer so he could easily get lost if it builds up too much.  And he’s likely the type to draw in appropriate things with his finger on the window Paros proxy download.

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