Drummers Are Musicians Too


It’s sad that this needs to be written but Drummers Are Musicians Too.  There are some great sites  out there that understand the importance of locking up drummers behind a Drum Shield.  These sites are going out of their way to even help you enclose them.  But in all of the caging and enslaving it is imperative that you remember they are still musicians, at least in their own mind 위게임 다운로드.Stage Layout

We all know drummers can be replaced by a small electronic machine that has perfect timing, doesn’t bum rides, won’t try dating your sister, and doesn’t need help loading in a truck full of equipment.  But if you are creating a stage chart and are using human shapes for all of the other musicians, it is incredibly insensitive to use a small round dot for the drummer.  Not that the drummers feelings matter, regarding the insensitivity, but it makes it harder for them to understand the chart.  Drummers are Musicians

The main point is while it is only the loosest definition that drummers are musicians.  To a drummers mind, “Drummers Are Musicians”.  And in the interest of not confusing them too much or incapacitating them with the effort of thought: Let’s all just play along and let them get back to banging on things and swinging sticks around 다운로드.


Drummers Are Musicians 2

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