It’s Hug A Drummer Day??

How does that become a thing?  Everyone knows drummers have mental problems.  It’s part of the reason we lock them up in a drum cage.  But what if the caging of drummers was actually leading to their emotional instability.  Trapped in there cut off from all human contact.  Some people apparently see this as a problem.

hand to glass

Need contact

The reasons someone would worry about this are not clear  But perhaps all this mental and emotional issues cause make it more difficult to keep time.  So in light of that these bleeding hearts decided to create “Hug A Drummer Day”.  Approach with extreme caution.


(And drummers, you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that all those fans trying to feel you up [No not that one.  That would be good.  The OTHER one.  You know.] are locked on the outside of your drum shield.  Ironically, beautiful.)

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