Does the Drummer and Drum Enclosure need to be on stage?

Drum enclosures are big.  This isn’t grade school show and tell where you make something in your home and then just put it in your back pack.  So take a lesson from these guys and notice that if you are going to build a drum shield, you should probably build it in place.


Of coures it brings up the obvious question.  What if these guys are geniuses who have realized having a drummer on stage can be quite distracting from the band leaders antics?  If you get some good mics and be sure and leave him a bowl of water, you could build the drummer a nice cage backstage and get the best of both worlds.


“I’m the creative one, it’s the other guys job to handle logistics.”

“How are we going to move this?”


Remember it doesn’t matter how elegant it is, or how cheap you build it, all that matters is does it do a great job keeping the drummer caged up.



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  1. Evan Olsen says:

    The people pictured are my brother and dad. We actually built the drum booth to be completely modular. It comes apart in 6 pieces that are attached with long bolts. After building 6 drum shields, we got smart and made it modular.

    Where did you find these photos?

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