Drum Shield Window – Caption Contest

Here we have a really interesting Drum Shield.  It’s kinda classy looking and also has a non distorting, flat front (which makes it easier for the drummer to see when the singer wants them to play quieter).

Caption Contest

There are so many great comments to be made, light puns, harsh critiques, but with this one we are going to have a caption contest.  In the first one you can’t use, “There’s a vacuum in front of the drum shield, so the suck will balance with behind the drum shield.”  The best comment will be edited back in as the post header.  In this case best pretty much means “induces actual chuckle”, but feel free to try a meaningful poignant comment (Perhaps mention the danger of letting a drummer near actual glass).  But nearly anything is better than the current “Drum Shield Window” so start commenting.

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Drum Shield Setup

Drums Behind Screen

Band with Glass Drum Shield


There is no limit to how many comments you can leave.  Go for it.

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