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More Winning Drum Shield

More Winning Drum Shield

If you were amazed by the Winning Drum Shield you will want to check out Whiteley Solutions.   The elegance and beauty of curved glass combines with the utilitarian functionality of being able to completely mute your drummer.  No need to say more than this:

Drum Shield, Drum Riser, Drum Booth, Drum Cage

More Winning Drum Shield


This is no DIY project.  There’s no duct tape at all involved here.  Behold stylish, attractive, sleek, fully enclosed, roof, Wait whats this…wheels?

Back of Drum Shield, Drum Room, Drum Booth, Drum Cage

It’s mobile.  Just

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Artistic Drums Behind Glass

And now for something completely different:

Not quite a Drum Shield but still a great photograph of Drums Behind Glass:

Drum Shield, Drum Plexiglass


It’s nice to be reminded that, while overly utilitarian in nature, sometimes even drums behind glass can be artistic.