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Get more out of your Drummer

Remember your drummer can double as a ticket taker.



With a solid drum shield, your unsightly drummer is safely moved out of the audiences casual vision.  But you can also have them keep lost kids until parents can claim them, take tickets, give out information, lost and found, will call.  There are endless possibilities .


Balloons are optional, but if you love your drummer, they can be an appreciated touch.  Plus if they are shiny they can … Read the rest

Deserved Drum Shield

Today we’ve got a shot of a drum shield being used for actual good purposes.  A picture is worth a thousand words and the picture is all that’s needed to know the owner of this gear should be locked up.



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Drum Shield Window – Caption Contest

Here we have a really interesting Drum Shield.  It’s kinda classy looking and also has a non distorting, flat front (which makes it easier for the drummer to see when the singer wants them to play quieter).

Caption Contest

There are so many great comments to be made, light puns, harsh critiques, but with this one we are going to have a caption contest.  In the first one you can’t use, “There’s a vacuum in front of the drum … Read the rest

Does the Drummer and Drum Enclosure need to be on stage?

Drum enclosures are big.  This isn’t grade school show and tell where you make something in your home and then just put it in your back pack.  So take a lesson from these guys and notice that if you are going to build a drum shield, you should probably build it in place.


Of coures it brings up the obvious question.  What if these guys are geniuses who have realized having a drummer on stage can be quite … Read the rest