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It’s Hug A Drummer Day??

How does that become a thing?  Everyone knows drummers have mental problems.  It’s part of the reason we lock them up in a drum cage.  But what if the caging of drummers was actually leading to their emotional instability.  Trapped in there cut off from all human contact.  Some people apparently see this as a problem.

hand to glass

Need contact

The reasons someone would worry about this are not clear  But perhaps all this mental and emotional issues cause make it more … Read the rest

Are Three Cinder Blocks Heavy Enough?

A key feature of a Drum Shield is the difficulty level of escape.  Seriously what’s the point of locking them behind glass if they can just walk around it and start singing into an unattended mic?  With the advent of athletic high jumping drummers the Drum Shield Roof was invented.  But what if you have a drummer that can both jump high and is strong????  Well in the search for ever increasing security we came across the brilliance of this:… Read the rest

Drummers Are Musicians Too

It’s sad that this needs to be written but Drummers Are Musicians Too.  There are some great sites  out there that understand the importance of locking up drummers behind a Drum Shield.  These sites are going out of their way to even help you enclose them.  But in all of the caging and enslaving it is imperative that you remember they are still musicians, at least in their own mind.Stage Layout

We all know drummers can be replaced by a … Read the rest

Never Let Them Out

…Not even after you force them to play E-Drums.

We’ve recently been polling twitter to find out if you’d rather be locked behind a drum shield, or be forced to play electronic drums.  But here Todd Elliot shows us the unspeakable heinous act of both evils combined.

Full marks for style of course.

Full marks for style of course.


Now everyone knows a drum shield does a lot more than control drum volume.  Really it’s first goal is to control drummers, limiting drum … Read the rest