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Never Let Them Out

…Not even after you force them to play E-Drums.

We’ve recently been polling twitter to find out if you’d rather be locked behind a drum shield, or be forced to play electronic drums.  But here Todd Elliot shows us the unspeakable heinous act of both evils combined 다운로드.

Full marks for style of course.

Full marks for style of course.


Now everyone knows a drum shield does a lot more than control drum volume.  Really it’s first goal is to control drummers, … Read the rest

Drum Shield Temperature Control

 Please remember it gets hot in the Drum Shield.  The benefits of a drum shield have been laid out time and again.  There’s no way to get around how important a piece of the band the drum cage can be.  But remember inside that drum cage the drummer can get pretty darn hot smart switch pc. And just to not be too cruel.  If you are going to put a fan on stage and point it at the drummer … Read the rest

Drum Shield Horse Blinders

Drum Shields serve so much greater purpose than simply controlling drum volume.  We’ve already seen them multitasking as a Set List Organizer 귀곡성.  Here’s a great example of how a drum shield can actually help keep the drummer from getting distracted.  The hardworking labcoats over at Acoustical Solutions have conjured this fantastic idea:

Drum Shield Horse Blinders

Horse Blinder Drum Shield, Drum Cage, Drume Enclosure

Notice how they use opaque sections to keep the drummer focused on the lead singer.

These opaque panels of course serve a … Read the rest

Clean Your Drum Shield


A Drum Shield does a good job of hiding a drummer.  The problem is sometimes it can keep the drummer from seeing what the musicians are doing.  Everyone knows there’s precious little worse than a drummer left to his own devices.  So it’s important that periodically you get out some solvents and clean the drum shield to be sure the drummer can see the band leader 다운로드.

Clean Your Drum Shield

Clean Drum Shield makes your drum shield even better.

Don’t go crazy cleaning the Drum Shield

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