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Are Three Cinder Blocks Heavy Enough?


A key feature of a Drum Shield is the difficulty level of escape.  Seriously what’s the point of locking them behind glass if they can just walk around it and start singing into an unattended mic?  With the advent of athletic high jumping drummers the Drum Shield Roof was invented.  But what if you have a drummer that can both jump high and is strong????  Well in the search for ever increasing security we came across the brilliance of … Read the rest

Never Let Them Out

…Not even after you force them to play E-Drums.

We’ve recently been polling twitter to find out if you’d rather be locked behind a drum shield, or be forced to play electronic drums.  But here Todd Elliot shows us the unspeakable heinous act of both evils combined 다운로드.

Full marks for style of course.

Full marks for style of course.


Now everyone knows a drum shield does a lot more than control drum volume.  Really it’s first goal is to control drummers, … Read the rest

How To Drum

This How To Drum isn’t about E-and-A counting or syncopation, you can learn all that theory and skill then play it on your desk with pencils.  But that won’t make you a Drummer.  This is How To Drum as in becoming a Drummer.  Just because you tap rhythmically on your leg no one thinks, “He’s a drummer.”  Now it’s time to learn the secrets 카카오톡 대화 다운로드.

Sorry to say carrying Drum Sticks around isn’t enough either 다운로드. … Read the rest

Microphone Shield?

Microphone Shield, seriously?


Darn right.  Drummers aren’t the only one that might try stealing the spotlight if left untethered.  That’s why the great folks at have started leading the way in combating this new threat with a  Microphone Shield.  Now because of the lower danger level Microphone Shields don’t need to be fully enclosed.  And they don’t have to lock from the outside.  They just need to make it difficult for the background vocalist to take any attention … Read the rest