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Drum Condo Drum Shield

Drum Condo

Today we have a wonderful example of a safe, sane stage setup.  Notice all the happy musicians interacting with the audience.  Feeding off the energy.  They have this freedom and confidence because of a Drum Condo.  In his Drum Condo the drummer is safely tucked away; with no threat of him getting out and stepping on the electric guitarist’s pedal board, setting a drink on the keyboard, or stepping up and yelling a greeting into the mike.  And … Read the rest

Extreme Drum Room


You’ve seen what’s available and it’s just not enough.  The power of your drummer cannot be contained by cheap plexiglass and baffling.  Then you would be most rewarded to consider building an…

Extreme Drum Room

When plexiglass just isn't enough, Extreme Drum Shield, Drum Booth, Drum Cage


We aren’t talking about a thin strip of plexiglass anymore.  No foam absorption here.  What we’ve got is solid earth making sure our drummer can play with all the “feel” and “response” he wants while we can complety control how much if any … Read the rest

Increase Security with Drum Shield Roof


Do you ever have trouble feeling confident and comfortable because your drummer could climb over his drum shield?  Do you worry your drummer has too much access to air?  Is your drummer prone to attempting over the top stick tosses that cause him to fall behind the beat 구버전 mac os?

Never fear the we’ve got the answer…

Drum Shield Roof:

Drum Shield Roof, Drummer glass box


The  drum shield roof is the answer to all lifes problems caused by your drummer … Read the rest