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Drum Shield Window – Caption Contest

Here we have a really interesting Drum Shield.  It’s kinda classy looking and also has a non distorting, flat front (which makes it easier for the drummer to see when the singer wants them to play quieter) 논논비요리 다운로드.

Caption Contest

There are so many great comments to be made, light puns, harsh critiques, but with this one we are going to have a caption contest 다운로드.  In the first one you can’t use, “There’s a vacuum … Read the rest

Majestic Drum Shield

Centos 32bit download

Get creative with your Drum Shields.  Boring is Boring.  Do something cool.  It may take more effort but the results speak for themselves.  Boom…this drum shield exists 다운로드.

Majestic Drum Shield

Majestic Drum Shield, Drum Booth, Drum Cage

There’s no magic here.  Someone woke up one day and decided they were going to have a better drum booth than 90% of the world, and this is what they built.  Does it need more explanation?  JohnCStark didn’t think so.  Don’t let yourself be … Read the rest

Drum Enclosure – You Should Share

Drum Enclosure is the subject of the day.  A lot gets said about Drum Shields.  But for those of you worried that your drummer is only blocked in one direction, sometimes a Drum Enclosure is the best solution.  Enter the artists who create enclosures for Paragon 360.  Not even that, say you’re the all important lead singer and you don’t need anyone stealing any spotlight from you.  Check this. 스킵트레이스 다운로드.

Dual Drum Enclosures:

Drum Enclosure


Yep that’s … Read the rest

Drum Shield Other Uses

Besides the obvious uses of a Drum Shield (keeping the focus on the lead singer, song suggestion muffler, tone advice deterrent,  drum stick flipping stopper [with roof], etc.)  One oft overlooked use of the Drum Shield is to keep the set-list in an easy place for the drummer to read, that is nearly impossible for him to lose 다운로드.

Other Drum Shield Uses:

Drum Shield with Setlist

No more “I lost the list” excuses.

Please note the irresponsibility of the stage manager in … Read the rest