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Flat Front Drum Shield

Once you are safe and secure knowing there is a Drum Shield of thick plexiglass between the lead musicians and the drummer, the most important thing to ensure is that the drummer can clearly see directions being communicated.  Let’s face it drummers aren’t going to keep their own time or remember an entire sets worth of directions just because they were rehearsed over and over.  Constant supervision and communication is the name of the game.  How do you ensure that … Read the rest

More Winning Drum Shield

More Winning Drum Shield

If you were amazed by the Winning Drum Shield you will want to check out Whiteley Solutions.   The elegance and beauty of curved glass combines with the utilitarian functionality of being able to completely mute your drummer.  No need to say more than this:

Drum Shield, Drum Riser, Drum Booth, Drum Cage

More Winning Drum Shield


This is no DIY project.  There’s no duct tape at all involved here.  Behold stylish, attractive, sleek, fully enclosed, roof, Wait whats this…wheels 다운로드?

Back of Drum Shield, Drum Room, Drum Booth, Drum Cage


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Winning Drum Shield


Winning Drum Shield

Every now and then a Drum Shield comes along that redefines what it takes to be the worlds most amazing drum shield.  Epic isn’t epic enough of a description, this is the Drum Shield Charlie Sheen would be if he were born a Drum Shield.  You can smell the adonis dna coming from this Winning Drum Shield 다운로드.


Round Drum Shield, Drum Booth, Drum Cage


Hopefully in the future we will be seeing much more of this fantastic specimen.  The … Read the rest

How to Build A Drum Shield


To Build a Drum Shield

Sometimes the best decision isn’t to just go out and buy a Drum Shield.  Often because of budget limitations or the need for an odd shape/size a building your own is the best option.  While there are limitless ways to build a drum shield, is a particularly detailed set of instructions.  There you can learn how to build this:

Enclosed Drum Booth, Build A Drum Shield, DIY Drum Shield

Plus it apparently works on partially invisible drums, so there’s that.

At the … Read the rest