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Behind Drum Shield POV

페이스북 동영상 다운로드

 Inside The Drum Shield

Here’s some ammo.  What better way to force your backing musicians behind a drum shield or into a drum cage, than to be able to say honestly, “I know what it’s like.”


Standard Drum Shield:

Inside Drum Shield

Plexiglass Drum Cage:

Drum Shield from the inside

 Metal Drum Cage:

In Drum Cage

This last one doesn’t help at all with sound.  But it does add the security of knowing that your drummer (or other background musician) isn’t going to hog any spotlight.  So … Read the rest

Drum Cage With A Drummer In It

Here’s a Drum Cage with something a wee bit different.  While this is Drummers Behind Glass, many weeks it would be more appropriate to be Drum Behind Glass (well Drums Behind Glass cause we rarely see anyone with a single piece kit) 다운로드.

Drum Cage

Drum Cage, Drum Shield, Drum Enclosure

Can you tell what’s different?

This week we actually have a drummer.  Look how safe and friendly he is.  Behind that strong Drum Shield there’s no fear he’s going to distract anyone in … Read the rest

In Room Drum Room – Send To Your Drummer

Let’s say you’ve got a room with drums in it.  And you like where your drummer is, over there in his corner.  But you wish he was more segregated.  You’d like the security of a Drum Room with the visibility of a Drum Shield.  More of a complete Drum Enclosure.  And In Room Drum Room maybe just what you need 고속성장분석기 2020.

In Room Drum Room

Unlike a full Drum Room this is a room within a room so … Read the rest

Drum Enclosure – You Should Share

Drum Enclosure is the subject of the day.  A lot gets said about Drum Shields.  But for those of you worried that your drummer is only blocked in one direction, sometimes a Drum Enclosure is the best solution.  Enter the artists who create enclosures for Paragon 360.  Not even that, say you’re the all important lead singer and you don’t need anyone stealing any spotlight from you.  Check this. 스킵트레이스 다운로드.

Dual Drum Enclosures:

Drum Enclosure


Yep that’s … Read the rest