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Drum Volume Too Loud – Cheap fix

Sometimes the drum volume is too loud.  But you don’t have the funds for the top of the line drum shields.  Or even some of the set of shackles to keep your drummer where you leave him.  It’s time for you to get a half Drum Shield towelroot v3.

Cheap Drum Volume Fix

Drum Folume Fix - Half Drum Shield

What is the bottom half of that?  Window blinds?  Is that some form of Modesty Shield 다운로드?

Drum Folume Fix - Half Drum Shield

Do you love the rich wood grains microsoft Read the rest

Behind Drum Shield POV

페이스북 동영상 다운로드

 Inside The Drum Shield

Here’s some ammo.  What better way to force your backing musicians behind a drum shield or into a drum cage, than to be able to say honestly, “I know what it’s like.”


Standard Drum Shield:

Inside Drum Shield

Plexiglass Drum Cage:

Drum Shield from the inside

 Metal Drum Cage:

In Drum Cage

This last one doesn’t help at all with sound.  But it does add the security of knowing that your drummer (or other background musician) isn’t going to hog any spotlight.  So … Read the rest

Cheap Drum Shield

Cheap Drum Shield

Or DIY Drum Shield or How To Make A Drum Shield or Worlds Cheapest Drum Shield or Duct Tape Drum Shield.  The title is still in flux.  For those who don’t want to buy a Drum Shield, or like today’s example just live too far away from any Drum Shield sellers to justify the shipping costs, we have Cheap Drum Shield 다운로드.

If you are trying to build a Drum Shield what’s the most expensive part.  … Read the rest