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Drum Shield Collection

Here is a quick overview of some of our most important Drum Shield write-ups.  Whether you are needing one to curb Drum Volume, or you have a showy drummer that needs to be hidden, or an easily distracted drummer that you need to keep focused, one of these drum shields will be right for you.  You can’t just leave a drummer on stage with musicians and expect everything to go smoothly.  You need an enclosed space, a Drum Cage if you will, to corral him (or her of course) so that the audience focus is on the band leader and only on the band leader.  Drummers should be heard and not seen (and not heard too loud) v앱 채널플러스.

Cheap Drum Shield

If you are just getting started in the on stage security field looking for your first drum shield then the Cheap Drum Shield is probably going to peak your interest.  It’s a look at a quick and dirty DIY Drum Shield project for controlling drummers and drum volume 다운로드.

Cheap Drum Shield

Yes that’s Duct Tape and Rebar.

More Winning Drum Shield

Now if you are on the other end of the spectrum looking for the most impressive Drum shield one can imagine you need to check out More Winning Drum Shield.  It’s a unit built by Whiteley Solutions 원시자료 다운로드.

Winning Drum Shield

Let the picture do the talking.

Drum Condo Drum Shield

If your main goal is to make it so that people don’t even know you have a drummer then the Drum Condo Drum Shield is really the only option.  It’s built so extremely and seamlessly that unless you already know there is a drummer and where to find him you would find it near impossible to locate him 다운로드.

Drum Shield

There is a drummer behind a drum shield in this picture 다운로드. If you find him you win.


Non Drummer Drum Shields

Huh?  What could you use it for if not a drummer?  Well how about a percussionist?  Percussion Drum Shield 유튜브 실시간 스트리밍 다운로드.  Even a percussionist can distract from the lead singer.  Or in otherwise need caging.

Percussion Drum Shield, Live Drums, Recording Drums

No just for drummers.

But really you shouldn’t even limit yourself to the rhythm section.  We’ve all seen that saxophonist prancing around trying to steal the spot light.  Nip it in the bud.  Put that guy in a cage.  Jazz flute, put them behind glass.  Over-souling backup singer, put them behind glass.  Guy who snuck a tambourine on stage, put him in behind glass.  Really anyone who might be onstage and not one of the important frontman/showman type can be put behind glass with the Microphone Shield.  Yeah it’s a bit extreme…extreme brilliance 다운로드.

Microphone Shield

Don’t worry they can see out 다운로드. They won’t miss your cues.


And this is just a small sampling of the implementations of a Drum Shield.  We won’t go into all the reasons for “Why is the drummer in a cage?”  Just too many to list and too obvious e PageSafer download.