This Is Not A Drum Cage

Unlike Drum Cage,  Drum shield seems to be a pretty easy term to understand 플래시 다운로드. “Drum” got it it goes with the drums. “Shield” ok it shields the drums.

Drum Cage should be just as simple. Sadly it’s not 포천막걸리체 다운로드. We’ve seen some pretty good Drum Cages here.  But we need to be careful to not forget the bad ones.  Here’s an example of someone who didn’t quite grasp the concept:


Drum Cage


This looks like it will be a great show once they get all setup 다운로드. But the drummer is in no way contained.  Even a drummer will be smart enough to realize he can get out of the front or back even if the sides have re-enforced fencing.  Come on give your drummer a little credit 독일 불법 다운로드.


But it certainly makes one wonder where they got it from.  Did they make it like the Cheap Drum Shield 다운로드?


And if you came here cause you did a google search for the artist named “Cage”, thanks for stopping by you can try this link: Cage on Amazon

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Does the Drummer and Drum Enclosure need to be on stage?

Drum enclosures are big.  This isn’t grade school show and tell where you make something in your home and then just put it in your back pack 일일 계획표 다운로드.  So take a lesson from these guys and notice that if you are going to build a drum shield, you should probably build it in place 다운로드.


Of coures it brings up the obvious question.  What if these guys are geniuses who have realized having a drummer on stage can be quite distracting from the band leaders antics 다운로드?  If you get some good mics and be sure and leave him a bowl of water, you could build the drummer a nice cage backstage and get the best of both worlds 쇼미더머니7 3회 다운로드.


“I’m the creative one, it’s the other guys job to handle logistics.”

“How are we going to move this?”


Remember it doesn’t matter how elegant it is, or how cheap you build it, all that matters is does it do a great job keeping the drummer caged up 다운로드.



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It’s Hug A Drummer Day??

크리스탈볼 다운로드

How does that become a thing?  Everyone knows drummers have mental problems.  It’s part of the reason we lock them up in a drum cage.  But what if the caging of drummers was actually leading to their emotional instability.  Trapped in there cut off from all human contact.  Some people apparently see this as a problem 세금계산서 양식 다운로드.

hand to glass

Need contact

The reasons someone would worry about this are not clear  But perhaps all this mental and emotional issues cause make it more difficult to keep time.  So in light of that these bleeding hearts decided to create “Hug A Drummer Day”.  Approach with extreme caution 다운로드.


(And drummers, you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that all those fans trying to feel you up [No not that one.  That would be good.  The OTHER one.  You know.] are locked on the outside of your drum shield.  Ironically, beautiful.)

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Are Three Cinder Blocks Heavy Enough?


A key feature of a Drum Shield is the difficulty level of escape.  Seriously what’s the point of locking them behind glass if they can just walk around it and start singing into an unattended mic?  With the advent of athletic high jumping drummers the Drum Shield Roof was invented.  But what if you have a drummer that can both jump high and is strong????  Well in the search for ever increasing security we came across the brilliance of this:


Drum Shield Weights


The designer of this wonderful idea remains anonymous.  But it raises the question.  “Is three cinder blocks heavy enough to contain your drummer?”

다운로드 다운로드 다운로드 다운로드
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