Drummers Are Musicians Too


It’s sad that this needs to be written but Drummers Are Musicians Too.  There are some great sites  out there that understand the importance of locking up drummers behind a Drum Shield.  These sites are going out of their way to even help you enclose them.  But in all of the caging and enslaving it is imperative that you remember they are still musicians, at least in their own mind 위게임 다운로드.Stage Layout

We all know drummers can be replaced by a small electronic machine that has perfect timing, doesn’t bum rides, won’t try dating your sister, and doesn’t need help loading in a truck full of equipment.  But if you are creating a stage chart and are using human shapes for all of the other musicians, it is incredibly insensitive to use a small round dot for the drummer.  Not that the drummers feelings matter, regarding the insensitivity, but it makes it harder for them to understand the chart.  Drummers are Musicians

The main point is while it is only the loosest definition that drummers are musicians.  To a drummers mind, “Drummers Are Musicians”.  And in the interest of not confusing them too much or incapacitating them with the effort of thought: Let’s all just play along and let them get back to banging on things and swinging sticks around 다운로드.


Drummers Are Musicians 2

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Never Let Them Out

…Not even after you force them to play E-Drums.

We’ve recently been polling twitter to find out if you’d rather be locked behind a drum shield, or be forced to play electronic drums.  But here Todd Elliot shows us the unspeakable heinous act of both evils combined 다운로드.

Full marks for style of course.

Full marks for style of course.


Now everyone knows a drum shield does a lot more than control drum volume.  Really it’s first goal is to control drummers, limiting drum volume is just a happy side effect.  But at some point we have to draw the line.  Caged like an animal is fine, even preferred.  But expecting his mind to be able to comprehend the use of a music stand…let’s be realistic 다운로드.


Use the comments below to weigh in yourself: Would you rather be locked behind a drum shield, or be forced to play electronic drums 피파15 다운로드? Comment

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Drum Shield Temperature Control

 Please remember it gets hot in the Drum Shield.  The benefits of a drum shield have been laid out time and again.  There’s no way to get around how important a piece of the band the drum cage can be.  But remember inside that drum cage the drummer can get pretty darn hot smart switch pc. And just to not be too cruel.  If you are going to put a fan on stage and point it at the drummer put the fan inside the drum shield.

Put The Fan Inside The Drum Shield

Hot Drum Shield

There are some interesting ways of handling this.  If you remember the More Winning Drum Shield in the comments you know  Chad Whiteley pointed out they have built in fans.  (Imagine how nasty the condensation would get from drummer sweat in there.  Wait no don’t, it’d be better if you didn’t think of it.)

Drum Shield

WTF 다운로드? Climate Control?

Then last week @_JoshClark posted on twitter:

bought a new fan for the drum cage at #SolidRock 조용필 간양록 다운로드. #DrummerStatus #BestFansEver

Drum Shield Fan

And later replied to @DrummerInGlass that it was:

@DrummersInGlass oh my gosh.  Best investment ever 다운로드!

Everyone who’s been around a drummer knows that they can rarely tell how bad they smell.  So let’s all do out part to help control the odor.  It’s one of those “for the greater good” type things.  You can get as complicated or simple as you want.  Remember even a while condensation helps obscure the drummer and his (or her) antics from the audience, it can also obscure the site of the real musicians from the drummer so he could easily get lost if it builds up too much.  And he’s likely the type to draw in appropriate things with his finger on the window Paros proxy download.

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Drum Shield Horse Blinders

Drum Shields serve so much greater purpose than simply controlling drum volume.  We’ve already seen them multitasking as a Set List Organizer 귀곡성.  Here’s a great example of how a drum shield can actually help keep the drummer from getting distracted.  The hardworking labcoats over at Acoustical Solutions have conjured this fantastic idea:

Drum Shield Horse Blinders

Horse Blinder Drum Shield, Drum Cage, Drume Enclosure

Notice how they use opaque sections to keep the drummer focused on the lead singer.

These opaque panels of course serve a double purpose.  First off, and most important in all cases, the audience attention isn’t pulled away from the lead singer.  It’s a well known fact that the lead singers ego needs all the attention an audience can give.  Secondly this drum shield keeps the drummer from being distracted by the audience (or even unimportant band members).  To truly get the best of this it would be advisable to get a few more opaque panels closing in just a little bit tighter.  But not too tight because you wouldn’t want to limit where the lead singer can be and still give signals.  Here’s a good example of how much light you need to let into a drum shield:

Closed Drum Shield

Acoustical Solutions were probably just trying to be kind in their advertising.  But luckily we can see the potential.  And giving credit where it is due notice both full enclosure and a roof so there’s not wandering off during set breaks.  Put a bottle of water in the pen with him just out of charity 가시나무 mp3.

If you’ve got a good example of a drum shield others can learn from be sure and submit it today.  Those who are forced to put up with a drummer need all encouragement they can get for limiting their impact 다운로드.


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