Drum Shield Saftey

It’s not always sufficient to limit Drum Volume.  Sometimes for the greater good more full disclosure needs to be made on the drum shield.

Drum Shield Safety

Drum Shield, Drum Volume



You can get tons of Caution Tape cheap from Amazon or other retailers: Drum Shield Caution Tape at Amazon

Be safe out there.


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Drum Volume Too Loud – Cheap fix

Sometimes the drum volume is too loud.  But you don’t have the funds for the top of the line drum shields.  Or even some of the set of shackles to keep your drummer where you leave him.  It’s time for you to get a half Drum Shield.

Cheap Drum Volume Fix

Drum Folume Fix - Half Drum Shield

What is the bottom half of that?  Window blinds?  Is that some form of Modesty Shield?

Drum Folume Fix - Half Drum Shield

Do you love the rich wood grains?

Sure it’s not a full drum shield.  But half is better than nothing.  Drummers don’t need to be seen, and with the drum volume as it is, they don’t really need to be heard either.

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Not Good Enough

A for effort and everything…But I’m sorry this just isn’t a good enough drum shield.  Way to easy for the Drummer to escape or worse.

You call that a drum shield.

Weak Drum Shield

Half Drum Shield

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Majestic Drum Shield

Get creative with your Drum Shields.  Boring is Boring.  Do something cool.  It may take more effort but the results speak for themselves.  Boom…this drum shield exists.

Majestic Drum Shield

Majestic Drum Shield, Drum Booth, Drum Cage

There’s no magic here.  Someone woke up one day and decided they were going to have a better drum booth than 90% of the world, and this is what they built.  Does it need more explanation?  JohnCStark didn’t think so.  Don’t let yourself be shackled by the norm.  Think outside of the shield.

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